Company Overview

We connect people, business and technology. Customers, Partners, Employees, Users: Human beings are used to and keen on interacting with IT based systems in all areas. In business or private, increasingly mobile and with a clear expectation for an instant benefit. Smart, collaborative and networked tools and applications are key.

The world is changing

Mobility and a connected way of collaboration are speeding into our professional and private life’s. Humans, enterprises and technology are changing rapidly. Products and services are becoming really smart whilst consumers, users and employees are definitely more demanding and independent. Enterprises are constantly challenged to provide innovative, efficient and sustainable solution to stay in the game. Together with our experts they actively craft the change and make it real already today!

Experts to benefit from that change

With 900 employees in 4 countries Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions (DTCS) offers state-of-the-art product development and innovative services in Information- and Communication technology (ICT): on the spot, right to the needs and efficiently delivered. Our experts support and assist our customers on their transitional way to new markets. May it be tailored solutions for new or existing products, optimization of processes or innovative and efficient customer service set up: Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions (DTCS) creates competitive advantage – by individual and pragmatic consulting beyond the standard.

Areas of expertise

To the point: Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions (DTCS) is specialized and boldly experienced in areas like Customer Experience Management, Social Enterprise, Smart Products Engineering and Embedded Systems, Mobile & Telecom Solutions and Information Systems and Software for the Healthcare Sector. And, as the world is more and more converging, there are plenty of synergies which can be used! So we are constantly peering “across” the areas to fertilize fast and innovative approaches for our customers.

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